Roof leaks on metal roofs

The most common cause of roof leaks on metal roofs are loose screws.  Here in the foothills of Nevada County, the change of temperature from winter and summer combined with temperature changes during the day can be substantial.  This temperature change exerts stress on fasteners on metal roofs.  This stress causes fasteners to back out or unscrew.  These screws often will lift along with the washers that seal the fastener, which provides an opening for water to enter.

The stress on metal roofs from expansion and contraction also will eventually cause the holes in the metal panels to enlarge.  This is the major cause for metal roof failure.

There are several strategies for repairing or maintaining a metal roof.

  1. Inspect metal roofs for loose fasteners and tighten regularly.
  2. Coat your metal roof with highly reflective coating to reduce the effect of temperature change.
  3. Seal  fasteners with a strong adhesive flexible caulking.

A professional roof coating job can add years to your metal roof.  Gold Country Roofing in Grass Valley, CA uses ER Systems coating products and systems to repair and maintain metal roofs.


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