How we got started

Stan Smith, President

I grew up in Southern California. When I was in college I joined a company that sold services for legal resources.  I was working as a salesman with this company when they filed for bankruptcy and closed their doors.  Many of my customers lost their money, and I felt a deep sense of responsibility and remorse  because I had sold them the product.  I decided then that I would never again be involved with a company unless I had some control over the quality and delivery of the product.

After graduating from college with my Bachelors degree in Business, I moved to Nevada County.  I started Gold Country Roofing in 1980 with a friend from Southern California.  That was at the beginning of a two year recession.  After two years in business my friend moved back to Southern California and left me with a business that was struggling and in debt.

I was determined not to fail and disappoint my customers who had trusted me with their homes and warranties.  Through hard work and perseverance I was able to take Gold Country Roofing from struggling to successful.  I was a small company, doing most of the work myself and hiring help.

As I grew more successful, I discovered I was unable to meet demand and still provide quality service.  I just couldn’t do everything myself.  In 1999 I decided to quit doing new construction and focus on re-roof customers.  This allowed me to take control of my schedule and improve my customer service.

Because of my success I was able to attract some high quality employees. These employees gave me the ability to focus on customer service while they focused on providing quality roofing service.  We developed a team relationship, and soon afterward I incorporated and we became an employee owned company.

In the thirty+ years that I have been in Nevada County, I have seen the majority of my competition go out of business.  Some of the competitors were good businesspeople, and some were great roofers, but they were unable to balance the demand for quality roofing products and great customer service.  In the end I feel it was their success that overwhelmed them.

I think I have been blessed with a fantastic team and we look forward to providing roofing services to Nevada County for a very long time.