Meet our Team

Meet the talented, award-winning, factory-trained Gold Country Roofing crew! They receive several compliments from happy clients for their solid work ethic, professional behavior and EXCELLENT results.

Gold Country Roofing is an employee-owned company. What does this mean for you? Unlike companies that have high employee turnover or hire inexperienced or seasonal help, the crew at Gold Country Roofing is here to stay. They are dedicated to providing quality service and workmanship that they can personally stand behind, so you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.

Stan Smith, Carlos Zanudo, Carlos Aguilera, Freddy Garcia, Jose Zanudo

Awesome crew

Stan Smith, Carlos Aguilera, Freddy Garcia, Carlos Zanudo, Jose Zanudo

Carlos Z., Freddy G. and Carlos A.

Carlos Zanudo, Freddy Garcia and Carlos Aguilera


Stan Smith, the benevolent tyrant who keeps a roof over our head.

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The Boss Man!

Stan Smith, President


Office Manager Shannon Gassaway loves working here!!


Shannon Gassaway,
Office Manager