How we stand apart

When choosing between items of comparable value, it makes sense to go for the lowest price.  Why spend $3 on the same bottle of soda you can get at the Dollar Store?

However, not all things are created equal, and price doesn’t always equal value.  A 40 year old crib with lead-based paint, while cheaper than a new safety-tested model, is still not a good value (or even a good idea!)

As your building’s first line of defense against the elements, your roof is an important investment.

Like many things, shopping for a new roof goes beyond just comparing prices.  We know that quality is important to you, and you deserve to know what you’re getting with your hard-earned money.  When looking at the lowest bids, ask yourself “are corners being cut to be able to offer this price?”  Hidden details can mean the difference between a roof that will leak and one that won’t.

We have provided the following checklist as a helpful guide when shopping for your new roof.  When reviewing bids from other contractors, be sure to have them explain the details of the work they are proposing until you are satisfied that you fully understand all they are offering.

Use the following checklist to see how Gold Country Roofing compares to other roofing contractors, and keep track of how everyone measures up to your expectations.   Printable version

HOW DO WE MEASURE UP?Gold Country RoofingOther Contractor
Is Contractor licensed?Yes
Does Contractor carry workers compensation insurance?Yes
Does Contractor carry a $1,000,000 general liability policy?Yes
Has Contractor been in business for over 30 years?Yes
Are Contractor’s employees factory trained?Yes
Is Company employee-owned/operated?Yes
Does Contractor have a local showroom?Yes
Does Contractor provide an extended workmanship warranty?Yes
Does Contractor offer a material warranty?Yes - See product warranty information for details.
Does Contractor have a “no money down” policy?Yes
Does Contractor offer financing options?Yes - Four convenient financing options available for residential only. Subject to credit approval. See store for details.
Will Contractor provide a home improvement contract (required by law)?Yes
Will Contractor provide proof of insurance?Yes
Will Contractor’s employees leave your home and yard clean daily?Yes
Does Contractor handle roof removal?Yes
Will Contractor use roofing nails (not staples) when installing shingles?Yes
Does Contractor pull roof nails when removing roof?Yes
Does Contractor use ice shield around crickets and valleys?Yes
Does Contractor secure all flashing with metal roofing screws?Yes
Does Contractor use pre-painted metal valleys?Yes
Does Contractor offer additional products such as gutters, gutter guards and attic insulation?Yes
Did Contractor show up to the appointment on time?Yes
Did Contractor give you a written estimate in a timely manner?Yes
Did Contractor explain the options included in the estimate?Yes
Did Contractor answer your questions and address your concerns?Yes

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